Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Distractions From Sewing...

Usually sewing occupies a lot of my free time… but not lately.  I’ve been on a big cross stitch kick and it has definitely pushed sewing to the side.  It doesn’t help that I picked the largest project that I have ever attempted.  It's from the Cross Stitcher magazine Designer Stitches special issue.  Once I saw the flamingos I knew I had to make it up!

But I’ve really enjoyed watching it take shape.  Despite the long hours of stitching I’m starting to feel like I’m in the home stretch.

These are in progress photos taken about a week apart.  I really need to use the large frame and it gets awkward and in the way frequently – adding a fair amount of time as I rotate it around trying to find the most comfortable (i.e. easiest) position to stitch in.
I took a small break the other day to work on my Chantilly and just have the zipper, sideseams and hems to finish.  Ideally this will happen this week.  I also traced off a couple McCall’s patterns for some cute summery knit dresses, including refashioning a dress I made last year but never really wear.

Because I can’t spend all my time stitching I’ve also picked up working on the sleeves for my Central Park Hoodie.  The body is done and the sleeves are knitting up quickly.  Once done it will totally coordinate with my Chantilly.
On top of all this I’m planning on whipping up some PJs in time to join Karen’s Pajama Party.  Some pretty lofty goals for the rest of the month.  Hopefully I’ll have everything done soon so I can do some more FO posts soon!

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