Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sewing Swap 2013 - I see a swimsuit in my future!

First off I just want to say that sewing swaps are awesome!  Receiving a surprise package of sewing goodies from someone else who sews is way more exciting than someone who has a list of stuff you like.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a hint of mystery can be nice!)  I had a lot of fun taking part in the swap and can't decide which was was better - giving or receiving.  Who am i kidding, they were both equally great!  Major thanks to Kerry of Kestrel Makes for organizing a successful Spring Sewing Swap 2013!
I was teamed up with Ms. McCall from Brown Paper Patterns.  She first started sewing a few years ago and has fearlessly tackled projects like jeans, swimsuits, bras and even wetsuit repair.  It was a fun challenge shopping for someone you know only through her blog but I had some immediate ideas.  Having sewing in common helped a lot and I had to take one pattern of my idea list when I discovered in an older post that she already owned it.  I took that to mean I was on the right track.

 So I was very excited when this arrived on my doorstep. I managed to hold back my desire to rip it open just long enough to take a picture.  I didn’t even bother to check if it was in focus.
Eep!  I literally squealed when I saw the contents.


Pattern?  Check.  Fabric?  Check.  Lining?  Check.  Elastic?  Check.
Just in time for summer and the swimsuit mania sweeping the Internet I am now in possession of everything necessary to make my very own swimsuit.  I'm planning on making View A on the left with the scoop neck rather than the cutouts.  (I don't tan but imagine View B could lead to some interesting tan lines.)  And the fabric!  A lovely Hawaiian paisley print in white and my very favorite color: aqua.  Like if I had to pick a color to wear for the rest of my life it would be in the aqua/teal/turquoise family and I’d never tire of it.
This was perfect timing since a swimsuit has been on my list of things I want to sew this year.  Which is funny since I hardly ever have the need to wear one. As in once a year when I take part in the local polar bear dip on New Year’s Day in the lake I think is too cold in summer.  (I actually used to spend a lot of time in college at the beach or pool so swimsuits were a crucial part of my wardrobe but that’s Miami for you.)   So next year I plan to be one of the best dressed crazies out there.  I’m hoping for a warm summer so I can find a reason to wear it before then!
Thank you so much Ms. McCall!!!!!
In the meantime I ran out of paper to trace pattern pieces and ended up at Costco.  It’s one nearby that has a specialized restaurant section where you can buy pizza delivery bags, steam tray covers, industrial coffee makers and plastic fast food baskets to your heart’s content.  Unsurprisingly they also had massive rolls of butcher paper to cover tables with.  Naturally I decided to be practical and bring a 20lb roll home with me.

I’m scared of the day when it runs out because I know that someday it WILL run out and I will have to come to terms with the fact I went through 1,000 feet of paper.  Finishing off a roll of freezer paper always surprises me so I can only imagine what that day will be like.  Plus if I have people over to eat and the food isn’t ready yet I can pull out crayons for entertainment.
Here's some gifts wrapped using just a paper grocery bag, tape and a few staples.  I like how the bow made out of the handles turned out.
I’m still slogging away on my cross stitch project and have a few FOs to share but my computer and camera are feuding right now and this was all I was able to get.


  1. Ooh a ready-made project! What a great idea. Enjoy making your swimsuit.

  2. Wow! Such fabulous treats - they will make a great swimsuit! I've just posted about my goodies from the lovely Philippa - do come and take a look! Thank-you Kestrel for setting this up :)

    1. It's great how everyone had so much fun picking out items for their swap partners and then were thrilled with what they received in return. That fabric with the little sailboats you got us adorable! Looking forward to seeing how you use it.

  3. What a lovely little package that you received! The swimsuit will look fantastic made up in this fabric - can't wait to see it finished. Off to have a peek around your blog...J

    1. I'm excited to see how the swimsuit turns out too considering it'll be my 1st attempt! And with just about everyone making one now there are plenty of tips & tricks out there.

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