Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Hello baby" Chantilly

Whew!  I finally finished the dress I started before getting distracted by my flamingo cross stitch project.  (Which is complete as well.)  This is Colette Pattern’s Chantilly and came together really quickly despite all the interruptions.  Colette drafts for a C cup which I’m not, but figured all the bust gathering wouldn’t require any altering.  (Plus Tasia of Sewaholic has made a couple adorable versions and the enhanced bustiness didn’t look excessive.)  The only alteration I made was to take in the sides about an inch or so for a closer fit.  Next time I will lower the armhole slightly, it feels a teensy bit high after removing so much excess fabric and adjust where the gathering starts on the side.  But I’m already thinking up my next version.

I love this polka dot lawn, it’s part of the Sew Lisette fabric line at Jo-Ann’s.  It’s lined in white cotton with the exception of the neck facing which I made out of self-fabric to avoid any white showing.  I thought about a blue or green lining but couldn’t a. find any that matched and b. like how the white intensifies the print.  I’m one of those people who aren’t that into pockets in skirts (I just rarely use them!) but had never put a pocket in a zippered side seam and wanted to try it out.

This dress took forever to hem!  It has a six panel gored skirt that required a lot of gathering at the waist but it didn’t sink in until hemming time.  I ran a quick 5/8” basting stitch around the edge to make turning it up and ironing quicker and more even.  Machine hemming went easily but still took a lot of turning and checking if the end was near!  I had one nervous moment when I hung it up and worried if the lining was showing.  Luckily it was just on the hanger weird and didn’t require any seam ripping and rehemming.

It was perfect for a sunny Saturday and a BBQ at some friends’ home.  I did have a couple Marilyn moments when the wind caught it and I had to quickly pull it down, but nothing too major.  It’s a fun skirt to twirl in when I can control the flyaway action.

BTW I’ve had “Chantilly Lace” by the Big Bopper stuck in my head all day and most of the time spent making this dress.

In other news I’m attending the New York Fashion Academy where I’ll earn a certificate in Fashion Design & Construction.  I applied and was accepted the end of June for the summer quarter which started last week.  I’m really excited about the prospect of turning my obsession hobby into a career and as a bonus the school is located really close to me.  It’s very hands on so I’ve been busy drawing, draping and sewing already.  I may post some projects along the way.  I just hope I continue to have time for some personal sewing as well!


  1. Holy cow - that dress is awesome, and you did a great job fitting it, but I feel like you really buried the lead there! I can't wait to see what you whip up over the summer and would love to hear more about how it goes!

  2. Thanks! It took a but of fussing but I'm happy with it. And yeah, the lead might've been buried but I didn't want to do a post without any photos. So far in the first two weeks I feel like I've learned a lot. Expect some actual projects in the fall!