Monday, May 18, 2015

Me Made May 15 Week 2

Just past the half way mark for the month and I’m still having fun.  Here’s the latest play by play:

Day 12
·         Sewaholic Renfrew
Despite being my least favorite Renfrew to photograph (tiny stripes make the camera’s eye twitch), this is my favorite to wear. One thing I do need to remember is that the shirt is way more sheer than it appears so I really need to pay attention what I wear underneath.
Day 13
·         Megan Nielsen Briar
·         Sewaholic Minoru
What can I say?  I’m a sucker for stripes and these were pretty easy to match up.  It’s nice being able to wear it without a bulky cardigan again.
Day 14
·         Sewaholic Renfrew
These green jeans are one of the main reasons I could never go Me-Mades only in May.  I love them way too much and have never found comparable stretch denim in a similar weight and hue intensity.  But they go perfectly with a basic navy tee.

Day 15
·         Deer & Doe Sureau
This was a favorite dress last year from the second I finished it.  Light and floaty, it’s super comfy on a warm day although it is a little risky when a breeze kicks up.  So naturally that’s what tried to happen while loading sewing machines in my car in front of an elementary school.  The rest of the day it was perfect.
 Day 16
·         Victory Patterns Lola
This is one of those garments that when I pull it out I wonder why I don’t wear it more.  Then I remember that the thickness of the knit means it’s more of a cold weather dress.

Day 17
·         Kitschy Coo Lady Skater
·         Infinity Scarf
·         Sewaholic Minoru
Not every girl is obsessed with the LBD, some of us prefer navy as our “goes with everything” neutral.  This navy cotton jersey Lady Skater is mine.  It was a great addition to my Blue Thunder Friday and game day wardrobe during football season and works equally well during post season.  Its works equally well for running errands and mowing the lawn.  I started the day with the scarf but when the day refused to warm up quick enough I ditched it for the jacket.
I hope everyone else is still going strong during this Me Made May!

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